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A loop that concatenate text in a text box

This program uses a text box in a page within a loop that add "1" to the text input. It checks that the length of the string is less than 5. You can press the back button to see what happens.

Running example

(in the light red box):

increase a String

press the back button to go back to the menu

Source code:

{-# OPTIONS  -XCPP #-}
module IncreaseString ( clicks) where

-- #define ALONE -- to execute it alone, uncomment this
#ifdef ALONE
import MFlow.Wai.Blaze.Html.All
main= runNavigation "" $ transientNav grid
import MFlow.Wai.Blaze.Html.All hiding(retry, page)
import Menu

clicks s= do
   s' <- page  $  p << b <<  "increase a String"
             ++> p << b <<  "press the back button to go back to the menu"
             ++>(getString (Just s)
             <* submitButton "submit")
             `validate` (\s -> return $ if length s   > 5 then Just (b << "length must be < 5") else Nothing )
   clicks $ s'++ "1"

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