MFlow  Create and maintain dynamic Web applications as easy and fast as console applications
Thou shall not write request handlers
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How to install MFlow

1- Install Haskell

go to:

and choose the download for your platform

Follow the instructions.

2 - Install MFlow

At the shell prompt

> cabal update

> cabal install cabal-install

> cabal install monadloc

> cabal install monadloc-pp

> cabal install cpphs

> cabal install MFlow

If you like to install the last  version, with all the texts necessary to run this example application in your PC, get it from:

3 - Run the MFlow demos

> cd MFlow

> runghc -iDemos Demos/demos-blaze.hs

In a web browser invoke:


or run a short tutorial

> runghc Demos/Tutorial.hs

In a web browser invoke:


or run your hello world in MFlow in a unix shell:

cat > hello.hs

import MFlow.Wai.Blaze.Html.All

main= runNavigation "hello" . step $ do
      name <- page $  b << "your name?" ++> getString Nothing <** submitButton "ok"
      page $ b << ("hello " ++ name) ++> wlink ()  << b << "again?"

press CTRL-D

> runghc hello

In a web browser invoke:


Congrats. you are ready.

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